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In Every Season He is Still God

This past month has been a little more chaotic than the day to day lives we are used to. With having our children home from school, to struggling to find toilet paper and food, we have had to learn and adapt to our new ‘temporary’ normal. For many of us, our spring break plans have been changed, postponed or even cancelled. Our children are learning remotely while parents are trying to support them while working themselves. Seniors are missing out on their final months of High School. Sport schedules have been disrupted. Our typical spring time activities have being put on hold. Everything around us is continuing to change, and it can be hard. It’s nice to stop and say it out loud sometimes.

Change can be hard. Change can be uncomfortable. For many change is debilitating. For many, this time of change is difficult, a time of uncertainty, a time of worry and anxiety. This time has impacted each and every one of us in a way that may be similar or different from your neighbors. Maybe someone you know is sick. Maybe someone you know is at a higher risk of getting sick. Maybe this time has been lonely for you or someone you know (make sure you are reaching out to your extroverted friends because they are not okay!) Maybe for some, being home all day every day with you spouse and children has been really hard. Maybe in this time of social distancing, you or someone you know has lost employment and are no longer feeling financially stable. We get it and we know that change is not always the best of times. Take comfort in knowing that you are not alone through this. Many people are going through a similar situation as you, and in this, it is okay to admit that life is hard.

Something I find to be true during uncertain times is that we are walking with someone who understands, someone who gets difficult times. We are walking with someone who has been to a few rodeos, seen a few things, and isn’t shaken in the slightest. A passage I love hearing comes out of Hebrews. The writer says this, “Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and forever.” Don’t miss this. This is all too important to miss. Jesus hasn’t and isn’t going to change. God is the same.

That means that the storm-calmer, the sight-giver, the food-multiplier, the miracle-worker, the life-changer, the earth-former, the King of Kings, and the Lord or Lords is right here with you, with us. God is with us.

The writer of Hebrews is telling people not to change who Jesus is, and to not spread something that he isn’t. The same true is today. This seems to be one of the more important thoughts to me right now. If Jesus hasn’t changed, if God is the same, whom shall I fear? What shall I fear? The one who quite literally purchased life for us hasn’t once left us through this life, and doesn’t plan to.

That’s good news. Focus on him today, focus on him as we continue to ride this wave to wherever it may be taking us. Our foundation is strong enough to take the winds. I think it is time live like it, Church. Pray hard. Love hard. You’re not alone and you are loved. Our God isn’t going anywhere.

-Collin Patterson

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